The Delphians war #poem

Our war against the Delphians has lasted –
then for several decades of mayhem –
but they rarely directly attacked us –
because it was often by roundabout ways –
almost always by our enemies interposed –
but when all of it had just started –
by a neighboring kingdom influenced by them, –
the kingdom of my grandfather was attacked –
almost all her family she was massacred –
only my father then little old he escaped –
his parents entrusted him to a guard well devoted –
who therefore had to protect him but also raise him –
however, to avoid them they stayed –
in hiding and names have changed –
but for safety one day they were separated –
and my father a new life has developed –
then he became a kind of smuggler –
but who also had the misfortune of thwarting –
a Delphian plot to attack planets synchronously –
and in the explosion of Pharos he almost died –
around this time by the Vegans he was captured –
however there was decided his great destiny –
then the priestess Végane created an identity –
who was to save his life much later –
then everywhere and a lot he traveled –
and by accident an orphan he found and raised –
he became his friend and a gifted genius –
and when the allies of the Delphians attacked –
the Captain Blake and his secret mining network –
my father and his friend helped him to protect it –
and with the new Empire being then formed –
he goes to negotiate and my mother he met her –
thus by a long-drawn-out plan that work –
my father became emperor and he married her –
in secret, for this Empire then to stabilize it –
but the Delphians had him captured and condemned –
luckily his warrior wife saved him –
and together the Empire they consolidated –
and they make it grow for years rapidly –
but when all seemed to be well calmed –
so a family they had started to raise then –
a vast plot the Delphians worked out, quickly –
where our whole family had to be massacred –
but my big brother sacrificed himself for us –
my parents were able to avenge him and stabilized –
this Empire which had then been very shaken –
ours enemies by the Delphians were helped –
so that they try to come and conquer us –
but we have always prevented them from succeeding –
despite all the plots organized by them –
their plans we have often thwarted –
and finally I think I have finally eliminated them –


A propos Gerdesilets

Me lire et rire ou me maudire ou encore périr quel choix est pire? j'ai trouvé mon épitaphe: Il a essayé d'être humoriste, philosophe, poète et auteur de science fiction mais nul dans ces quatre domaines il n'a percé dans aucun :( Mes poèmes sont mauvais mais sarcastiques Ma science fiction est squelettique comparée à ce que j'ai imaginé pour le reste j'aime critiquer
Cet article a été publié dans angels, astronomie, bécosse / sarcasms, doom, Entertainment, favori(te)s, hero, poésie / poems, science / fiction, spirituality. Ajoutez ce permalien à vos favoris.

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