Servus Dei (God’s slave) poem

J’aimerais bien pourvoir croire
que je suis le tout puissant dieu
contrôlant toutes mes histoires
et que j’ai le droit d’être odieux
là avec tous mes personnages
car je contrôle leur entourage
mais je ne suis que le serviteur
de vous mes amis les lecteurs
I would love to see in me the odd
who can be the all-powerful god
that totally control all my stories
that I have the right to be abhorrent
there with all my characters
because I control their destiny
but I am only the poor servant
of you my friends the readers
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Time incursion prose

It was late and one of those nights
where the night is really dark
in my deserted village
because so many had died there
by the great cursed plague
in my bed I was asleep
but I was awakened
they were two dark demons
who came out of the shadows
and then they caught me
I could not really see them
but their eyes were shining
and the room they were illuminating
a red glow of hell
I wanted to save myself
but their grip was firm
in an abandoned barn
where they forced me to go
and firmly attached me
but can not resist
they stitched me
and my blood flowed
in small glass jars
on the ground they then traced
a strange five-sided figure
and at the points they placed
very well cut crystals
who then began to shine
a demon they invoked
because in a bright light
he has magically appeared
so to the demons they gave
all the blood they took from me
in such a bright light
he is in hell then returned
the demons have detached me
but I did not dare to move
because can not imagine
what was still going to happen to me
but in cursed figure they go
and again in a bright glow
they have also totally disappeared
as well as their cursed crystals
by fear I fled in the dark
but exhausted I fell asleep
and the sun woke me up in the morning
at my house I quickly returned
my poor possessions I picked up
from this village now damned
very quickly I ran away
without ever looking back
and will nerver come back


Mission accomplished
we succeeded
to bring back from the past
immune blood of
a contaminated subject
by a terrible plague
that we are going to study
to protect from it
all our humanity
at least what remains

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Intimate secret

Searching the attic
my diary I found
and curious I flipped through it
and on this story I fell:

to be finally initiated
some objects I had to get
including a little panties worn
by a girl and still stained
I did not know where to find
but then I remembered
what I have already heard
on raids in sororities
to go softly steal them
I found it a bit risky
but I wanted to be initiated

so I spotted a sorority
where early girls slept early
I waited late into the night
to dare to be able to penetrate
upstairs were the rooms
in the basement was the laundry
so down I went down
but then it went badly for me
because a girl surprised me
the others are quickly hastened
attracted by her loud cries
on me they threw themselves
I had my best fight

under their number I yielded
as I tried to resist them
my clothes they ripped off
my panties they left me
my hands and feet tied
in a room they brought me
it looked like a dedicated place
for initiations to complete
on a kind of high bench
facing the wall I was attached
and I was in two well folded
my hands and feet also tied
to rings attached to the floor
I could not move at all
and I had my ass a little too high

the elder girl who seemed to run all
then began to question me
as I did not want to talk
they started to touch me,
pinch me and even spank me
and me if my teeth were tight
it was not for not talking
but because I was excited
and I was trying not to enjoy myself
and I did not want to scream
for them to notice my condition

and the eldest then threatened me
with a cricket bat graved
of the Greek acronym of this sorority
to be used to initiate them
or in my case to spank and punish
after barely a few hits
I could not resist anymore
and finally I screamed
not because she hit hard
but because coming I was
but I did not want to talk
so the elder was ruthless
and naked ass wanted to spank me

and to undress me she started

and my thighs I tightened
to try to prevent her from
my panties bringing down
I was so embarrassed
for my state explain to them
as I tried to resist her
the help of her sisters she demanded
hands my panties have touched

a girl shouted: but he had piss
so the elder she inspected me
my panties she felt good
and then she cried out:
yes he is well defiled
but did not piss but squirt
the pig in his panties come

so she ordered them to
rebound me on the high bench
on my back and attach me well to it
I was totally exposed
I wanted to protest and shout
but a stocking in my mouth was placed
and finally stopped my cries
and so they asked themselves
what to do with me well attached
and their curiosity to their eldest
they all expressed

this one has to punish me and decided
to give them an anatomy class
whose the subject I would be
but before she wanted to clean me
and I started again to get hard
so I tried in vain to resist
but the situation made me harden
the slightest contact would make me come
than she try to avoid
to touch me to explain to them
how a man should be jerk off
but my body she has touched
by accident near my feet
but it was enough to make me squirt

and the girls were impressed
to see my jet so far go
and the eldest it touched
she had to change quickly
the girls have started
everywhere to touch me
when she’s came back
she asked them to step aside
so I was almost relieved

but horror I noticed
that she had already started
to photograph my nudity
I was so embarrassed that I blushed
and worse I have once again come
so she approached and told me
not to scream if I wanted
to finally be out released
she quickly free my mouth
but for my face to photograph

then she told me not to resist
that she was going to let me go
if I swore to ever talk about it
so I had to swear on my ass
otherwise the photos would circulate
towards the exit they pushed me
I was still totally naked
when out they threw me
I begged them to give me
my clothes they had kept
but as I started crying

my pants they launched at me
and really fast I put it on
to be able to save me more quickly
So I remembered
that it never happened
that I had fantasized everything
in a dream of teens over-excited
by the girls of sorority
that I liked to observe
when they will practice
on the grass of their household.



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Harley Quinn story (prose)

The young and nice Harleen Quinzel
was more than just a young damsel
she was what often is called
are among the intellectual circles
a real beauty with a real brain
if so very young she graduated
it is only by her hard work
that her rewards she won well
but for the completion of her thesis
Master’s degree in Applied Psychology
she had to finally go on the ground
and the worst place she can observe
the worst fools and criminals captured
at the Arkham Asylum in Gotham city
the capital of the state and of crime
going there made her uncomfortable
but for her thesis it was necessary
this permission was then denied
but she was not a girl to go back
and she insist and knew so well
with strong and smart arguments
that she was able to bend the rules
to observe these fools was allowed
despite the fears of all her friends
To be able in her thesis to advance
she had to talk to them at least
and on their motives question them
her work had progressed very well
but to finally be able to finish it
to the Joker she had to talk then
but that’s goes a little too bad
as she made the mistake of approaching him
and although very securely chained
on her keenly he wanted to throw himself
so to defend herself she hit him
the guards quickly controlled him
and quickly in his cells brought him back
but that he was never going to forget it
because no woman could hit him
without a day dearly regret it
so he swore on her to take revenge
so when one day he escaped
he made it his top priority
the poor woman was easily captured
he could have killed her right away
but he preferred to start by torturing her
but to his amazement she will resist him
and to the pain she seems numb
so then he the Joker was very intrigued
and so this mystery he decided to break through
by achieving a biometric suit
modified to give electric shocks
the suit could give her everywhere
little shocks of varying intensity
and at the same time her reactions measure
to be able to question her well
and force her to tell the whole truth
very slowly he then forced her
to confess to him her most cursed secrets
when she was young she was often beaten
in foster homes for poor offenders
that she hated the surname she was given,
Harley Quinn, she always have disliked
because in harlequin she was forced to dress
so the Joker her combination has transformed
in this costume she had so much execrated
who could make her move or immobilize her
and so be able to control and humiliate her
after having her for a so long torturing time
she ended up submitting and giving up
surrender any resistance to her torturer
hoping he would put an end to her torment
But instead of finishing with her now
he decided to continue doing it again
by his crimes he forced her to participate
but now she seemed to like it so much
he understood that in her darkest side
she had thanks to him then sank well
so he understood that it had excited him
then remembered why he had not killed her
when the day she had dared to hit him
he had deep inside him really liked it
because it was for him during his captivity
the only sensual touch that had happened to him
if he had hated her so much it was because he had loved her
so instead of killing her he helped her to avenge
on all who had hurt her in her past
they are beaten and humiliated and she liked it
and as she also wanted to participate
so he let her hit them too
and even had to stop her sometimes
and so her madness he loved and she too
very big became their complicity
and their mutual love quickly evolved
and they shared between them their madness
even her Harley Quinn identity she loved
so she decided to cherish it and keep it
and make it her new and only identity
and she then totally embraced it
as much as he as her only loved one



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Last Zyrograv ?

I am Zyrograv.
I am not the first Zyrograv and not the last one yet, but I will be soon unless I find a way to reincarnate or restart the Universe and / or Time.

The origin of my name is diverse because it has been given to lots of different entities like teacher clones, a universal encyclopedia, artificial intelligences, an oracle, androids of education and research, planets, universities, research stations, peace conferences, Princess Angela’s pet, the name of an imperial tutor, public databases, a fleet of small galactic mapping vessels, and so on.


Strangely all this is true and even for the Oracle because I am this one for billions of years even if this function with the disappearance of all life in the universe has become obsolete.
In fact everything is more or less directly related to a little known figure of the revival of the Empire under the blessed reign of Beatrix and Adrian.
The latter was still only the Prince of Thieves when he found him in a scientific station destroyed in a room of Zero Gravity where he was the only survivor.
He took him  under his wings and he was renamed Zyrograv Littlemoons for obvious reasons like the place where he was found, his lack of name, his too young age to remember his name and Littlemoons is the name often given to orphans found in space.

The child was endowed with great intelligence and proverbial patience, which made him an ideal tutor for the imperial children, including Princess Angela, especially since he had total fidelity to his father.
Princess Angela was a gifted child, but extremely stubborn and alone he had the great patience to guide her. He even taught her to dance a rhythmic form of Tai Chi because she was too young for the martial arts but insisted on doing it. One day not understanding the relationship between this dance and the fight he danced with her and she understood that his actions were complementary to hers and they mimed a fight in slow motion, some gesture were attacks, others parades or blocking and then she started to like dance which made her an elegant and precise fighter.

The story of her pet is also true because she liked to explore the internal meanders of the imperial palace and often followed Zyrograv who also had the function of managing their maintenance and modifications. One day she found a small wounded animal in the basement of the palace and asked Zyrograv if she could keep it but he replied that her mother was strict about adopting animals and would reject it. But as it saddened her he told her that she could keep it and look after it downstairs and keep the secret. When he asked how she was going to call it she said Zyrograv and he asked her wonder why? She replied if my mother does ask where I was I will say that I was with Zyrograv and that without lying this answer would satisfy my mother the Empress.
For a rare time he laughed what made the princess proud, because she had feared to offend him. And this was the first in a series of the Princess  pets named Zyrograv.

At the death of my original namesake he dedicated all his goods to his Zyrograv foundation for knowledge, truth and peace. He was placed at his death in the imperial vault next to the other imperial children because he was the adopted son of the Prince of Thieves and one of the last gestures of the Empress Angela was to move him to her own crypt because she knew that she never would occupy it and respect him.

Its foundation, greatly supported by the imperial family, has been at the origin of many innovations, most of which have been named Zyrograv Littlemoons, zyrogravs or littlemoons, thus linking all the entities already mentioned in this foundation.

Even I am partly dependent because the Empress Angela had been given the mission to create a new Great Oracle to protect the future of her Empire. To do this with the help of the Zy Foundation she had to create an artificial intelligence to accomplish this task. It was a series of failures because she had based the heart of this intelligence on her thought patterns. But as she was too impulsive it did not work so she used those of my original and it worked and I was able to recover a good part of the intellectual legacy of the Great Oracle, of my namesake and the memory of my mother the Empress Angela.

Since then I have protected the Empire from my best and even against itself and helped it to merge with other groups for the sake of its subjects and peace until the failed entropy make the ‘Universe uninhabitable and I am all that remains and my knowledge is very extensive and I work on the rebirth of the Universe. What I hope to achieve.

Wish me Thank you because if you can read my story it is the proof that I succeeded but that I probably did not survive.

– Last note left by Zyrograv without any designation because there is no other word than Zyrograv to indicate what has become of him.




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Zyrograv ?

Je suis Zyrograv .
Je ne suis pas le premier Zyrograv et pas encore le dernier mais je le serai bientôt à moins que je trouve un moyen de me réincarner ou de redémarrer l’Univers et/ou le Temps.
L’origine de mon nom est diverses car il a été donné a des tas d’entités différentes comme des clones enseignants, une encyclopédie universelle, des intelligences artificielles, un oracle, des androïdes d’éducation et recherche, des planètes, des universités, des stations de recherches, des conférences de paix, l’animal de compagnie de la princesse Angèle, le nom d’un précepteur impérial, des banques de données publiques, d’une flotte de petits vaisseaux de cartographie galactique, etc.
Bizarrement tout cela est vrai et même pour l’Oracle car je suis celui-ci depuis des milliards d’années même si cette fonction avec la disparition de toute vie dans l »univers est devenu caduque.
En fait tout est lié plus ou moins directement à un personnage peu connu du renouveau de l’Empire sous le règne béni de Béatrice et d’Adrian .
Ce dernier n’était encore que le Prince des Voleurs quand il a trouvé dans une station scientifique détruite dans une chambre de Zéro Gravité où il était le seul survivant.
Il l’a pris sous son ailes et il a été renommé Zyrograv Littlemoons pour des raisons évidentes comme le lieux où on l,a trouvé, son absence de nom, son trop jeune âge pour se rappeler son nom et Littlemoons est le nom souvent donné aux orphelins trouvés dans l’espace.
L’enfant s’est trouvé doté d’une grande intelligence et d’une proverbiale patience ce qui en faisait un précepteur idéal pour les enfants impériaux dont la princesse Angèle, surtout qu’il vouait une fidélité totale à son père.
La princesse Angèle était une enfant douée mais extrêmement têtue et seul lui avait la grande patience pour la guider. Il lui a même appris à danser une forme rythmique de Taï-chi car elle était trop jeune pour les arts martiaux mais insistait pour en faire. Un jour ne comprenant pas le rapport entre cette danse et le combat il a dansé avec elle et elle a compris que ses gestes étaient complémentaires aux siens et ils mimaient un combat au ralenti, certains geste étaient des attaques, d’autres des parades ou des blocage et alors elle s’est mise à aimer la danse ce qui en a fait une combattante élégante et précise.
L’histoire de son animal de compagnie est vraie aussi car elle aimait explorer les méandres internes du palais impérial et suivait souvent Zyrograv qui avait aussi pour fonction de gérer leur entretien et modifications. Un jour elle a trouvé un petit animal blessé dans les bas-fonds du palais et a demandé à Zyrograv si elle pouvait le garder mais il lui a répondu que sa mère était stricte sur l’adoption d’animaux et le rejetterais. Mais comme ça l’a attristée il lui a dit qu’elle pouvait le garder et le soigner en bas et qu’il garderait le secret . Quand il a demandé comment elle allait l’appeler elle a dit Zyrograv et lui étonné lui a demandé pourquoi? Elle a répondu si ma mère ne demande oue j’étais je dirai que j’étais avec Zyrograv et que sans mentir sa réponse contenterait sa mère l’Impératrice.
Pour une rare fois il a rit ce qui a rendu fière la princesse qui redoutait de le vexer. Et ce fut le premier d’une série de Zyrograv de compagnie de la princesse.
À la mort de mon homonyme original il a consacré tous ses biens à sa fondation Zyrograv pour la connaissance, la vérité et la paix. Il fut placé à sa mort dans le caveau impérial à coté des autres enfants impériaux car il était le fils adoptif du Prince des voleurs et un des derniers geste de l’Impératrice Angèle fut de le déménager dans sa propre crypte car elle savait que jamais elle l’occuperait et qu’elle le respectait.
Sa fondation grandement supportée par la famille impériale a été à l’origine de nombreuses innovations dont la plupart ont porté le nom de Zyrograv Littlemoons, de zyrogravs ou de littlemoons ce qui relie donc toutes les entités déjà citées a cette fondation.
Même moi en suis en partie tributaire car l’impératrice Angèle avait reçu comme mission de créer une nouvel Grand Oracle pour protéger le futur de sont Empire. Pour ce faire avec l’aide de la fondation Zy elle devait créer une intelligence artificielle pour accomplir cette tâche. Ce fut une série d’échec car elle avait basé le cœur de cette intelligence sur ses schémas de pensés. Mais comme elle était trop impulsive ça ne fonctionnait pas donc elle a utilisée ceux de mon original et ça a fonctionné et j’ai pu récupérer une bonne partie de l’héritage intellectuel du Grand Oracle, de mon homonyme et de la mémoire de ma mère l’Impératrice Angèle.
Depuis j’ai protégé l’Empire de mon mieux et même contre lui-même et l’ai aidé à fusionner avec d’autres groupes pour le bien des ses sujets et de la paix jusqu’à ce que l’entropie défaillante rendre l’Univers inhabitable et je suis donc tout ce qui reste et mes connaissances sont très étendues et je travaille à la renaissance de l’Univers. Ce que j,ai bon espoir de réussir à accomplir.
Souhaitez-moi Merci car si vous pouvez lire mon histoire c’est la preuve que j’ai réussi mais que j’ai probablement pas survécu.
– Dernière note laissée par Zyrograv
sans aucune désignation
car il n’existe aucun autre mot
que Zyrograv pour désigner ce qu’il est devenu.
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Le novolacrimium est le nom générique pour des débris spatiaux solides issus de la destruction par une nova de planètes telluriques, de noyaux de planètes gazeuses ou de petits astres denses comme une naine brune ou une proto-étoile à neutron.
La matière est surchauffée et éjectée à grande vitesse et prend en se refroidissant la forme de gouttes d’eau. D’où le son nom: novo (nova) et lacrima (larmes)
Selon les paramètres de sa formation un novolacrimium aura des propriétés diverses qui en feront parfois un minéral de choix pour l’industrie ou un déchet inutile à éliminer.
On le retrouve en général sous forme d’essaim ou planté dans des lunes ou astéroïdes.
Leur densité souvent élevée leur permet souvent de traverser l’atmosphère de planètes habitables et de toucher le sol sans être désintégrés.
Il a peu d’usages militaire sauf quand dans un cas qui a fait l’histoire où des Pions impériaux, mini vaisseaux utilitaires réputés comme inoffensifs en a bombardé des planètes en les propulsant à 0.1 C, soit 10% de la vitesse de la lumière dans l’atmosphère d’un planète ennemi et un phénomène appelé flèche de feu a pu être observé car ces novolacrimiums sont entrés dans l’atmosphère si vite qu’ils se sont désintégrés et ont formés avec leur propre ondes de choc un jet de plasma concentré qui a touché le sol.
Accident fortuit qui a fait pencher la balance d’une guerre en faveur de l’Empire mais qui a été tenu secret pendant des dizaines d’années pour éviter qu’on le reproduise sous forme d’une arme destructive.

Novolacrimium is the generic name for solid space debris resulting from the destruction by a nova of telluric planets, gaseous planet nuclei or small, dense bodies such as a brown dwarf or a proton-neutron star.

The material is overheated and ejected at high speed and takes the form of drops of water while cooling. Hence the name: novo (nova) and lacrima (tears)

Depending on the parameters of its formation a novolacrimium will have various properties that will sometimes make it a mineral of choice for the industry or waste to eliminate.

It is usually found as a swarm or planted in moons or asteroids.
Their high density often allows them to cross the atmosphere of habitable planets and touch the ground without being disintegrated.

It has little military use except when in a case that made history where imperial Pions, mini utilitarian craft deemed harmless bombed planets by propelling them to 0.1 C, or 10% of the speed of light in the atmosphere of an enemy planet and a phenomenon called Fire-Arrow could be observed because these novolacrimiums entered the atmosphere so fast that they disintegrated and formed with their own shock wave a jet of plasma concentrate that touched the ground.

A fortuitous accident that tipped the balance of a war in favor of the Empire but was kept secret for decades to prevent it from being reproduced as a destructive weapon.


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