The mad machine poem

to stop him they  send me
but in his trap I fell into it
with a beam he knocked me
but later when i woke up
I was spread and chained
on a kind of surface inclined
and even being blindfolded
I could however guess quickly
that the monster had stripped me
had he abused my body well ?
my armor he had taken of me
so helpless I found myself
between my legs still spread
there was a vibrator activated
the madman must had drugged me
because strangely I was excited
so me to avoid being humiliated
I used my arms to lift myself
my feet not being supported
but as soon as I had to gave up
on the vibrator I ended up pressing
very long against that I was fighting
but a lot then I had to be  shouting
Unfortunately no one showed up
the mad scientist may look at me
on his closed TV circuit surely
of my great tortured beauty
he can had enjoyed secretly
when finally I was so exhausted
I could barely still be moving
on the vibrator I was leaning
and getting more and more excited
I felt the orgasm in me rising
and I tried everything to resist it
but against my will I was coming
but as soon as an orgasm was over
another was just then starting
my situation was really hopeless
and then I sobbed, I begged, I cried
but however nothing worked
my torturer was merciless
my total submission I offered
my total defeat I was admitting
so to stop it i had gave up
but the torture continued
then i heard the bell of the timer
the vibrator finally stopped
I was exhausted but saved
and then I free myself of it
and like a zombie i am walking
to my soft bed for sleeping
because my orgasm maker
it had worked too well
and when i will use it
the timer i will be setting
for a period a little shorter




A propos Gerdesilets

Me lire et rire ou me maudire ou encore périr quel choix est pire? j'ai trouvé mon épitaphe: Il a essayé d'être humoriste, philosophe, poète et auteur de science fiction mais nul dans ces quatre domaines il n'a percé dans aucun :( Mes poèmes sont mauvais mais sarcastiques Ma science fiction est squelettique comparée à ce que j'ai imaginé pour le reste j'aime critiquer
Cet article a été publié dans bécosse / sarcasms, conte de fée / fairy tales, doom, Entertainment, hero, Japanese or others languages, mistress, Non classé, poésie / poems, science / fiction, vieux ou malade. Ajoutez ce permalien à vos favoris.

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