Distress prose

in a poorly lit back-alley
of a rather bad neighborhood
and you have me here tonight
or should I rather say forced me
because you’re blackmailing me
since you photographed me
in front of an erect student
before who i  was well kneeling
busy because sucking him

I was there scared
when you finally arrived
but I was not reassured
because of leather you were dressed

my hands you have handcuffed
and my feet chained by you
I wanted to protest
but soon you gagged me
I could not run away or shout
at my neck you put a dog collar
and by the leash you pulled me
but I could hardly walk

then we arrived
in front of a marked door
THE EDEN in golden letters
but a letter was erased
just enough to read
THE DEN what was worse

So at the door you hit
in the peephole the doorman
asked if you had booked
you showed him a paper
and he let us in

to a locked door
he then guided us
and he gave you the key
before returning to his duty
my eyes you now blindfold
and the door you unlocked

you forced me to enter
on my collar you pulled
and I was panicked
my collar you tied
so I could not move
and neither even bend


your hands have moved
on my belly well protected
by my tight clothes
of my outfit so little dared
of teacher you had required

your hands went up
on my unexposed breasts
and you have caressed them
through my beautiful blouse
my nipples you pinched
the buttons you detached
my bra was raised
my breasts were exposed
and you have kneaded them well
to make them hard
I was well humiliated

one of your hands went for a move
under my skirt she slipped
my thigh gently caressed by you
your hand slowly went up
on my sex that you touched
I stopped breathing
and you gently masturbated me
through my wet panties
by all your caresses so daring

finally my skirt you put in place
and my buttocks slapped by you
then you whispered to me
I tried to resist
but my condition I could not deny

you told me not to resist
or my clothes you were going to rip
and violently rape me
so you forced me to accept
not to move or resist
otherwise you would get me paid for it
so for my lot that i accept
by a node of the head I had to acquiesce

then my eyes you have unblindfolded
in a class I was attached
on the board was marked
DETENTION in detached letters
by my collar you pull me
on a desk you leaned me
forbidding me to move
I was too scared to try

my ankles you released
to better bind them to the feet
of the class desk that seemed to me
a well-proven copy
from the one where I taught
but where I had never dared
to place a leaning student
to punish or spank him
although I have often dreamed of it

there it was me the tortured
my torso you immobilized
with already prepared links
quickly you started to hit me
on my beautiful big butt
still by my skirt protected
then you have it raised on my back
just like my favorite petticoat
you still spanked me
then gently caressed me
my panties you gently lowered
and again a new spanking

a hard stick you showed me
but not the one that was erected
because you were still dressed
but one of varnished hardwood
with which you hit me
on my buttocks was already reddened
it surprised me and I tried
then to beg you to stop
but I could not scream
because still well gagged

but when you finally stopped
I heard you put down your pants
now you were going to rape me
but you just masturbated
and on my buttocks very reddened
you have abundantly and quickly cum

then in front of me you move
and the silence you imposed on me
my gag you quickly removed
and your beautiful non-erected cock
in my mouth you have forced

so I had to suck you
to make you still hard
but you withdrew without ejaculating
but I was so excited
that I would have liked to continue
and I wanted to protest
but then you slapped me hard
and still silence imposed me


behind me, you’re back
and then finally you fucked me well
I did not want to resist
and in me you have this time ejaculated
so I could not resist
and loud I started screaming
you did not even stop me
because nobody will come to save me
because the room was soundproofed
all night you still abused me
and I screamed but each time of enjoyment
totally submissive to your rejoicing
in the morning I was totally exhausted
naked too weak to move
you detached me and let me rest
so my libido was finally filled
and I slowly got dressed
telling me that the next day
of our perverse fantasies to realize
it would be me who was going to dominate you
in this fake class well decorated

so you will be there then the bad boy
who by his teacher will be detained
totally naked you will be well tortured
but also very well immobilized
and on the buttocks you will be hit
and I will also make you very hard
without making you cum
and you will have to long beg me
for me to deign to relieve you
but only after having forced you
to suck me up to make me scream
in strong repeated climax

so on your cock I’m going to impaled
Vigorously ride it to make you cum
and suck or jerk it off to finish you
and your balls totally I will empty
just thinking about it I’m all excited
and you know that you will love it
because by me you like to be dominated.




A propos Gerdesilets

Me lire et rire ou me maudire ou encore périr quel choix est pire? j'ai trouvé mon épitaphe: Il a essayé d'être humoriste, philosophe, poète et auteur de science fiction mais nul dans ces quatre domaines il n'a percé dans aucun :( Mes poèmes sont mauvais mais sarcastiques Ma science fiction est squelettique comparée à ce que j'ai imaginé pour le reste j'aime critiquer https://www.facebook.com/gerdesilets
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2 commentaires pour Distress prose

  1. Gerdesilets dit :

    my most pervers text and worst a woman is the victim, a man as victim is OK, but a woman as victim make me a monster??

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