Angela’s last wills (angels)

If you read this letter it is because I am no longer and probably died in my last battle.
It is certain that I did not win it but I hope that I did not lose it or at least that I allowed you not to lose it.
If necessary you can find refuge in my old fortress where as girls of their goddess Desdemone you will be welcome and in relative safety.
If I find my body I want to be placed in my alcove in the family mausoleum under the old palace of my mother and if you do not know where it is, ask the old Zyrograv the guardian of these places and curator of the imperial museum.
But I do not want to leave without revealing some secrets.
If at your birth I entrusted to my grandmother the Grand Oracle is that while you were in my belly I had a vision of the Great Oracle who announced me his death and that you were his heirs and that you were going to participate in his rebirth, as well as me.
So that’s why I went to see my grandmother and she was waiting for me because the Great Oracle had predicted and instructed her.
When did I ask him when? She told me: Five years ago, just before he died, he gave me specific instructions to prevent my twins from suffering from Cassandra’s syndrome, my mother’s curse and mine too. This is not personal because it is the curse of all natural oracles and without the teaching of the Great Oracle we are all condemned to see a horrible future, without hope that ends up destroying us.
My mother, who had followed the Oracle training, though she never completed it, was partially suffering from this syndrome and had chosen to fight these horror visions by fighting them and preventing them from arriving by fighting for a better future.
I did not have this chance and when I started to have some I saw only horrors but as I was a warrior I saw only my defeat and the massacre of my men.
Once I had more than 30 visions of defeats for a battle because every time I found a strategy to win I had a vision that showed my defeat. But when the battle came, I avoided all the mistakes I had seen and win.
So I understood that what I saw was the future, it was my mistakes, what I had to avoid by not reproducing them and that if I managed a better end would reward my efforts.
So I learned to use my curse to improve myself, to turn my defeats into victory. I had to be inventive and tenacious and it worked well. And the more I played there, the better I became at this game. I even had visions of lost battles before I knew I would have to fight. This was a reward in itself because I saw the enemy preparing for a surprise attack but most of the time the surprise was for him because I had prepared my riposte, organized my defenses, and even supreme orgasm I had almost seen my victory happen.
But I never saw it except at the moment she really arrived. But the worst I got hooked to victory. But to succeed I had to do more than creative, I had to be inventive. I had to invent new tactics and invent  new weapons and become unpredictable for my enemies. So I created new toys from old technologies, technologies from our allies, technologies exchanged with foreign races, technologies taken from enemies …
So between my struggles I found one of my three passions: the creation of ships and weapons.
Fighting was my second passion but diplomacy, my third was missing then. But when I had to take over from my mother, your grandmother, as an empress then I understood one important thing: I could win without fighting because I saw the battles coming so far ahead that I could defuse them before they become inevitable.
I became cunning, I offered my enemies what they wanted, sometimes just to part of them to divide them, or worse to make them turn against the others. It was enjoyable to see my enemies fighting each other or rallying to me.
Of course it had a price, often expensive, but never as expensive as a bad war. Because never seeing the victory I feared my defeat and so I was trying to avoid unnecessary conflict to focus on the inevitable. But then when a battle was inevitable the monster in me gave vent to her worst inclinations and I became the ruthless warrior that my reputation described.

You can not imagine the number of battles this reputation has spared me, even once I went to introduce myself to my enemies who were preparing to go to war against the Empire to negotiate their surrender. They laughed a lot but they found it less funny when I told them about their numbers, their strategies, where they were going to attack, what they thought they would conquer, and so on. I was brilliant then. But when they answered: and if you were captured or killed, what would prevent us from conquering your Empire? I then had to keep a self-control worthy of my mother and answer: If I had not carefully prepared your defeat and your subsequent humiliation do you really think that I would risk my life if it was not part of my plan for annihilate you?
It had to do the job because some of my enemies left with their troops and the others finally accepted a truce that gave me time to organize a victory over my enemies who finally attacked and lost because the window during which they could win had expired and I was ready to defeat them.
So, to prevent you from becoming warlike monsters like me, I entrusted you to the Grand Oracle, my grand mother, and left you a peaceful Empire with as few enemies as possible.
The Great Oracle also gave me another mission: to bring him back to life. The project is still on the way but I know that I can not complete it and that it will be up to you but it is still Zyrograv and his successors that you will have to inform you to finish it with the assistance of the order Oracles of which you are the heirs.
Even your names are due to a vision that I had: I wanted to call my child Cassandra so that she could accept like me her curse but the Great Oracle told me how to save you from this destiny because with the help of oracles and by your twins duality you would have the strength to overcome Cassandra’s syndrome and the curse of oracles, which is to see only a unique and inevitable future as it is the only one to be ideal or at least the least worse.
Your strength is to see both sides: future to avoid and future ideals to achieve. The best of both worlds. And that’s why I divided the name I wanted to give you in two, so Cass became Cassiopeia and Andra became Alexandra. A little personal touch to remind me that I had to intervene as little as possible to avoid contaminating you and risk seeing you fail.
So far everything seems to be going well and sometimes the Great Oracle even death sends me visions of your future to reassure me about yours and your destiny for centuries already traced.
Keep watch over each other, the Empire, and the return of the Great Oracle.
Your mother who has always loved you and who has always watched, watches and watches over you because even dead I planned ways to ensure your success and your safety.
When the Great Oracle comes back tell him Shit! on my behalf … he’ll understand.




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Me lire et rire ou me maudire ou encore périr quel choix est pire? j'ai trouvé mon épitaphe: Il a essayé d'être humoriste, philosophe, poète et auteur de science fiction mais nul dans ces quatre domaines il n'a percé dans aucun :( Mes poèmes sont mauvais mais sarcastiques Ma science fiction est squelettique comparée à ce que j'ai imaginé pour le reste j'aime critiquer
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