The curse of Commodore Lladamuls (angels) prose

We went to war
and we were all beaten
by a very great warrior
so when I surrender
and that my men capitulated
in front of her I was going to bow

but then when I saw her
like an old viper
I then angered
and I tried to kill her
but I ended up on the floor
beaten and totally humiliated

again she hit me
and this so vile witch
in a terrible anger
she cursed me forever
and I fainted

when I wake up painfully
I was cured
of my terrible disease
radiation sickness
but I found myself banished
of all our armed forces
but also forever I would be
an untouchable with the forbidden
to die or to commit suicide
to then guarantee a treaty.

because we were still at war
with our three powerful neighbors
and my naughty warrior witch
had become our only ally
but we were pariahs
all of which could be laughed at

and even sometimes we were hit
like when a beautiful lady
struck me by asking me
why I was still alive
while her husband was dead
leaving her so helpless
but my guards dismissed her
because I did not have to be killed
so that then is respected
the treatise that cursed us

but after a little while
we had fallen into oblivion.
And because of a great shortage
of all skilled workers
I was then hired to lead
a really badly organized factory

so my military experience
was really useful to me
for the plant to be well managed
but in front of my great success
many others I was given
and also I directed them well
and my companions in misfortune
so I was able to get everyone involved
and also accumulate a fortune

one night the lady who had hit me
came to my door banging
for pity’s sake I have lodged her there,
but by my job I was busy
and my property she handled well
but I could have chased her
and on the hard street back
but she still had rights
which I was deprived by the treaty
and my possessions I put under her name

I lived in fear,
in shame and misfortune
because I feared just as
that she leave with my fortune
leaving me on the street
and I would be very helpless


unless i replace her
so when a courtesan
was going around too much
she was coming to chase her
for fear of being replaced
and to continue to control me

so she was very cuddly
and in a moment of weakness
one day so I married her
I could not send her back
without risking ruin
so I let her fuck me

and one day she lays a brood
and I still have no rights
I was totally at her mercy
and her babies had more rights
than me their father who can not prove
that she was an unfaithful wife
because her children all they wore
the visible stigma of my family
I was legally fucked

because she could have robbed me
but with me she stayed
and became my partner
and then in secret she was helping
other poor women
and so she was extending her power

one day an officer came to see me
to shout to me and humiliate me
but she quickly intervened
and he had to withdraw very humiliated

she had become all-powerful
and almost everyone obeyed her
because she could quickly ruin them
she had become so influential
that even the nobility respected her
including all our senior leaders
now I was even more afraid
to no longer serve her for anything
and to be abandoned on the way

but she still kept me
because she liked to fuck me
and our children were healthy
all beautiful and intelligent
what was her great pride
and we had other broods

Then the old witch is dead
I thought I was finally released
but I was also humiliated
because I had to praise her
so even dead she ridiculed me
but as she was our ally
it gave me a notoriety

because I was still one of the very few
still alive having met her
but then I had to praise her
so that our leaders are contented
what I did so against my will

but my wife she was thrilled
because she knew how to take advantage of it
and my so humiliating defeat
she actually make a noble sacrifice
who had saved our beautiful society

I was defeated, humiliated and depressed
and I did not know if she was going to keep me
but to me she is used to
and our children also had broods
so I had a new use
a grandfather to help raise them
which often consoled me

but despite our repeated requests
I was not pardoned yet
and so many years have passed
we were at the fourth
generation of our descendants

but then a great misfortune struck
because the disease, my wife took away
distraught so I cried so much
that now I was not afraid anymore
anything that could happen to me
I was finally relieved of a weight


on her deathbed she had asked
that I too am finally forgiven
and miraculously it worked well
of my curse I was finally released
and also my rights were returned to me

but still her most beautiful gift
was a letter she had left
where she told me how much she had loved me
since the night I had saved her
from a truly fatal destiny
by taking her in my household

and she too had known fear
that I may one day reject her
but the more I made her my partner
the more her love for me grew
and she would never have hurt me

she asked me to be happy too
for giving her such a beautiful life
and to live also without fear
and watch over our descendants
like the good father I had been
during all those long years

Finally I really felt liberated
from the evil spell cast by the witch
who had given me everything
whose a long and prosperous life
where I had been so loved
and that my only real torturer
was a being too proud
to confess that he was happy
to have been spared by her
to whom he owed all this happiness
that he thought was great misfortune

So at the beginning of each day
which many were given to me
I started to thank her
this cursed old witch
that had allowed me to survive
and meet my beloved.






A propos Gerdesilets

Me lire et rire ou me maudire ou encore périr quel choix est pire? j'ai trouvé mon épitaphe: Il a essayé d'être humoriste, philosophe, poète et auteur de science fiction mais nul dans ces quatre domaines il n'a percé dans aucun :( Mes poèmes sont mauvais mais sarcastiques Ma science fiction est squelettique comparée à ce que j'ai imaginé pour le reste j'aime critiquer
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4 commentaires pour The curse of Commodore Lladamuls (angels) prose

  1. Gerdesilets dit :

    he went through hell
    with his eyes closed
    and did not see
    that he was now
    in paradise

  2. Gerdesilets dit :

    Ceci est mon poème préféré
    car il me fait encore pleurer
    des erreurs j’y ai remarquées
    mais je ne les ai pas changées
    alors veuillez m’en pardonner

  3. Gerdesilets dit :

    This is my favorite poem
    because it still touches me
    but mistakes in it I can see
    but I haven’t changed them
    so please try to forgive me

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