The Goddess of Chaos (angels)

When the war between the Coalition and the Empire ended, the Coalition was in bad shape because the war had been costly, more than a third of the fleet had been captured or destroyed, and the internal dissensions between the various species composing it had divisive.

But the Empire was not safe because they could always reorganize especially if we had the bad idea to attack them. In any case the whole was too big for the Empire to absorb it at once and its strategy was to wait until the Coalition was no longer able to reform by accentuating the rivalries between these peoples and try to to join the weakest who feared to be absorbed by their neighbors. Old technique that had served the mythical Roman Empire well.

It was a long time but the joint work of the Great Empress Beatrix and her daughter l’Archamiral Angela allowed to divide the Coalition and absorb the most interesting elements and leaving the most virulent people quiet. Soon the weaker kingdoms fell into the hands of the Empire when it came to their aid when their former allies threatened or invaded them. The enemy was thus working to make the Empire attractive to those weakened peoples who were often grateful for imperial protection, which was less restrictive to them than conquest by more bellicose neighbors.

The Mother-Daughter duo was nicknamed the Hammer and the Anvil, because the Empire was a monolithic block on the solid frontier and those who provoked it were struck by the hammer of war, nickname of the fleet of the Archamiral Angela, and when all was finished an alliance with the conquered people was forged, except with those whom the Empire did not wish to absorb.

When the Coalition was sufficiently dismantled Archamiral Angela decided to inspect her Chaos fortress and found it in better condition than expected. She was even surprised to see her peopled by her former enemies the Jassers, a minor people of the Coalition, who also worshiped her because for them she was the Great Desdemona, the princess, goddess and demon who after having defeated them had spared and welcomed them into the girdle of her cursed fortress where they lived and multiplied under the protection and peace of their new home.

It had happened because the overloaded vessels of the Coalition had abandoned them to their fate because other peoples did not like them and treated them as inferior just good to serve, among others cannon flesh. Abandoned they knew that their lives were not worth much and that anyway their failure condemned them to be outcasts in their own world. Here they felt appreciated because the Intelligence of the fortress treated them not as prisoners but as refugees of the Empire and de facto gave them rights they had never had before, and they were grateful.

The Intelligence of the fortress was merely obeying a directive from his mistress, Princess Angela, saying that any unarmed person should be considered a refugee and treated as such. The Intelligence of the place has even pushed this directive to the point of going to help those locked in the carcasses of enemy ships disemboweled. Most grateful forced others to accept their fate because any revolt was impossible because most of the fortress’s resources were spread throughout the Chaos zone, including the Intelligence, and they needed those resources to survive and the help of repair robots scattered in the minefield, which in addition to rebuilding the fortress, restored its defenses and the minefield.

Before all this intelligence they ended up deifying it as part of the goddess, mistress of the place, the powerful Desdemona, the great warrior protector of Chaos. So her arrival had become the fulfillment of a prophecy because the Intelligence had told them that someday she would return in all her glory and reward all her subjects. What she did by granting them the full status of subjects of the Empire with all these advantages including that of being able to leave and circulate in the Empire but for the most part the fortress had become their only home and offered their services to their new mistress as soldiers and servants, which she accepted because it was the least cruel solution for her subjects, the faithful of Desdemona, the name she agreed to bear in their presence and that only they had the right and privilege to to use to address her.

Finally the Chaos Fortress had found an unexpected utility and the pragmatic princess granted them to rename the fortress: Desdemonia, heavenly home of their great goddess Desdemona, protector of the place. Eventually she had to retire there after her career as Empress and this now sacred place became a legendary place of worship. As well as its site of design and construction of the most secret weapons of the Empire by its factories distributed throughout all the Chaos.




A propos Gerdesilets

Me lire et rire ou me maudire ou encore périr quel choix est pire? j'ai trouvé mon épitaphe: Il a essayé d'être humoriste, philosophe, poète et auteur de science fiction mais nul dans ces quatre domaines il n'a percé dans aucun :( Mes poèmes sont mauvais mais sarcastiques Ma science fiction est squelettique comparée à ce que j'ai imaginé pour le reste j'aime critiquer
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