Twin daggers (Oracle & Angel)

The Darians had come to the Imperial Palace to negotiate a peace, but their intent was quite different because in secret they were massing their fleet near the border in order to invade the Empire.
Their delegation had convinced the sweet Princess Cassiopeia to meet them in the antechamber of the Imperial Council room to negotiate peace because they preferred to give their arms to her rather than her mother the terrible Empress Angela.
But it was a trap because often secret meetings were going on without the presence of the Guard, their intention was to make her a Bloody Cesar by Brutus, behead her and throw her head in the Council room at the feet of her mother.
And that was their biggest mistake because the rest of the plan was perfect and well planned Fleet would invade the Empire, Princess Cassiopeia’s sister who was on her way to the Darien Palace would be easily captured in her consular vessel which had been detected no armament, they would also take advantage of the agitation provoked to swallow the organic catalyst that would turn their bodies into bombs and if luck smiled on them they would kill the Empress and her staff.
So when the door of the Antechamber, which opened on that of the Council Chamber, Princess Cassiopeia emerged covered with the bloods of various colors of the members of the Darienne delegation, she planted her bloody right dagger in the short wall separating the entrance to the hall. and the council table, and said, slipping her left dagger into her belt: The rats invaded the imperial gardens and I warned the guard that triggered the black alert.
The Empress looked at her daughter and asked her ‘Damage? and her daughter answered: No injuries except to pride. Then her mother ordered her: Go join the fleet, organize the defense and organize a rescue expedition for your sister! Oh, and put on a more casual outfit because a combat armor is more serious than a stained dress!
She quickly withdrew and went to her personal aviso to join the flagship of the fleet that already repelled the enemy who was trying to cross the border. She barely had time to clean herself and put on her combat gear as her aviso was attacked by enemies, which she promptly rejected as she had to rejoin her flagship as soon as possible.
The enemy’s mistake was to believe that they were attacking a defenseless prey, they were afraid of her sister Alexandra who was a fighting machine but they did not know that the young Cassiopeia was equal but with a mass of anger pushed back behind her mask of kindness and she used it cleverly to increase her stamina in case of combat and the murderous delegates had died amazed.
It also made her an intelligent tactician who did not hesitate to attack the enemy in such a way as to disorganize them, because if her strategy looked confusing she was actually a series of surgical strikes and when she hit afterwards it was discovered that missing key elements in the combat units. She attacked these key units, capable subordinates but left quiet enemy officers who were a nuisance to their fleet.
You know that in all fleets there are a certain number of incompetents appointed to high positions who are more of an embarrassment in combat and that in order to compensate, they are provided with subordinates capable of repairing their errors.
Even the Empire Fleet has a number of them, but they are all in the ALPHA ELITE GROUP OF THE RESERVE, the so-called last resort and its last hope and rampart of the Empire. Which means they have beautiful positions with a lot of honors but never see the fight except for fake missions of utmost importance.
The fight turned in favor of the Empire’s fleet because its ships were much more powerful than they thought and possessed the ultimate in imperial technology.
On her side Sandra, war name of Princess Alexandra, was having fun like a crazy girl with her new toy. Her consular ship was the ultimate secret technology of Mother’s Fortress. The technology that the Empress was secretly developing in her Chaos fortress was totally different from the Empire’s, which represented a certain advantage and surprised the opponent. So her ship split into four cruisers armed with a hundred combat drones each, and protected by a greatly improved Titan Shield.

It was no longer a simple plasma shield with rotating fields, but a multi-plasma shield, multi-phase and each of its sections can be ordered separately it became a mosaic of mini-shields modular at will, adjustable to any attack, capable of make a wave of plasma to strengthen a weakened area. On its surface dozens of plasma cannons that could serve as deflectors if firing to attack crossing the shields, serve to reload a weakened shield plasma cell and serve as guns by pulling through a deactivated cell for the short time of shooting. And a plasma recovery field recapture plasma dissipated by the attacks.
But his biggest secret was the polarization of these shields to give to the long-range detectors the appearance of a ship he had just destroyed or to simply become stealthy. All powered by the most powerful plasma furnaces in the Empire.
So the flotilla that attacked her was quickly destroyed and her ships took either the stealth mode or the imitation mode to continue her attacks.
Then all thought that she would flee as soon as possible to the Empire but instead she was stealthily heading for the Darien Palace.
Meanwhile, Admiral Cass, the war name of Princess Cassiopeia, pierced the enemy lines to join her sister because she had already routed the Darien fleet and was taking the path her sister had cleared towards the Darien Palace.
When she joined her sister, she was waiting for her Admiral Cass to give to the Darien « the coup de grace ». What was brief and quick and Cassiopeia thanked her sister Alexandra on a secure online to have prepared and let her give this last fatal blow. Alexandra had simply replied: it is the mission of every good ambassador to prepare the ground for a peace agreement for her queen!
Old joke between sisters because if Sandra liked the battle, Cassie preferred a more subtle governance and so she had a long-standing covenant that Cassie would be the Empress and that Alex would be her minister of war.
Here you have noticed the use of the various names of the imperial twins because according to the circumstances their name varies, they have their full official name, their name of war in combat but between them only they call them-self Alex and Cassie.
But from this battle they were recognized as the duo Cass-Sandra, prophetic nickname because in secret they were Oracles of high level able to see the future or the present truth.

A secret that I had sworn to keep until my death and that’s why this chapter of the imperial biography is posthumous to me.

-Zerograv Littlemoon, imperial biographer.




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