Dagger of Destiny

It must have been the most important day of my life my ORACLISATION, the day when guided by my mother the queen I was finally going to read the future and / or the past of a being chosen for his destiny by the Great Oracle which ensures to all a certain future.
Rumor had it that it was a decision of choice, a great karma in this prisoner but there was always the possibility of the Choice, by killing the monster before it became so.
Then will my hand be strong enough to stab him and kill him for the good of the many.
My mother was waiting for me in the hall of the Oracle, it was the first time that I entered there, the room was cold, a little dark, with bare walls of neutral color and in the center saw the dagger of the destiny and the prisoner on an altar of stasis, almost naked, sleeping the sleep of just ???
My mother told me do not be afraid Bea I read his future and among all the horrors that I saw there are not any of his fact or his misdeeds.
Even without yet having the faculty of an oracle, I saw in the sadness of her eyes that this initiation would be difficult.
She made me stand near his head and put my hands on his temples and told me Before reading his future read his present and see who he is?
Despite my training with my tutors where I could read their structured thoughts here I saw only chaos but my mother introduces in my thoughts reassuring words like Relax and concentrate, you are in control, he is unconscious and can not formulate aggressive thoughts, you dig into a lot of subconscious thoughts and it’s up to you to order them.
It was exhausting like listening to someone constantly passing from cock to donkey, or a record jumping from one song to another, but my efforts were rewarded.
I saw in his mind that he was a hardened criminal ruling a growing crime empire, especially robberies, trafficking in goods and technology, but also legal trade that served as cover for his petty theft.
My mother gave me a break, which was welcome. She saw that I was horrified to have pierced the secrets of such a vile person and told me mentally that the worst monster sometimes is the least worst of alternatives and before judging we must see everything.
After the break to my surprise, instead of guiding me to her future my mother and the Oracle showed me his past, it was horrible!
I saw the fall of the kingdom of Avalon, a kingdom of peace and justice, attacked by cruel invaders and abandoned by its frightened neighbors, worse I saw a young prince see his parents and his brothers and sisters to die defending their kingdom and carried away by what was left of the royal guard to a kingdom of friends who was about to suffer the same fate.
I even felt sorry for it, but all my tears could not change anything in the past, but it also meant that his future, which I was going to see, could only be more horrible.
After a long pause and a deep maternal mental massage, my mother told me the terrible truth: we are going to plunge into horror and you will have to choose if you will abbreviate his suffering with the Dagger.
I begged her not to force me to such an act but he did not answer me that only I had the choice but that if my hand weakened hers would do what had to be done.
Then the karmic intrusion began and it was the shock because this future I did not see him by his eyes but by those of his wife the great Empress who tried valiantly to prevent her empire from collapsing while he committed the worst atrocities leading battles on battles while battling with brilliant strategies.
How such a brilliant woman could have chosen such a terrible companion.
A skid to another future farther I felt her crying to see her children go to fight to continue the wars started by their father and her pain was so great that it invaded me as if it were mine, I had to take my courage to two hands to continue and the next step was even more cruel.
I saw the moment that was going to be the most terrible of his life, the dead body of his warrior companion lay almost in the same position as our prisoner on an altar and I saw her tenderly put her hands around her head, kiss his forehead and weep for all the tears in her body, and I never thought that such a strong woman could contain so much.
I also saw his private funeral where his children with their hand on his heart swore that no sacrifice, no matter how monstrous, could prevent them from bringing peace to the Empire.
I felt the deep sadness in her soul to see her children having to take back the imperial burden but a tiny glimmer of maternal pride to have raised warriors strong enough to protect his people from their enemies.
I felt the cold presence of the Dagger in my hand and the mental order Kill him and give her a less cruel future.
I raised the Dagger but I did not have the strength to strike it, I understood that this woman with the cruel destiny had chosen it for the good of its people and in all its sadness I had never felt regrets for having faced her destiny.
So I decided that as she would be strong and threw the Dagger on the ground ready to face the absolute punishment for daring to resist the Oracle.
I was expecting my mother to take the Dagger and stab him or her stabbing me because I had just broken an age-old taboo and my punishment would be worse than death.
The sentence came quickly, I was stripped of all ability to see the future and blurred in my memory what I had seen and felt.
Now I was a pariah and shame for all past and future oracles but I had chosen to become a strong, smart and loving woman like the Empress and that if I ever had the chance to meet her I would go without hesitate in her service.
I was going to become like her a warrior, a strategist, a great leader and a mother.
So I went to the point of exhaustion in studies in strategy, administration and combat, hoping one day to be ready to serve her with dignity.
But this day was never going to happen because no one can serve their own person because I was not going to serve her but to be her and suffer all her suffering again but knowing that it was for the best and when I was going I knew I had made the right choice by sealing ours destiny.


see the comment for the conclusion

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Me lire et rire ou me maudire ou encore périr quel choix est pire? j'ai trouvé mon épitaphe: Il a essayé d'être humoriste, philosophe, poète et auteur de science fiction mais nul dans ces quatre domaines il n'a percé dans aucun :( Mes poèmes sont mauvais mais sarcastiques Ma science fiction est squelettique comparée à ce que j'ai imaginé pour le reste j'aime critiquer https://www.facebook.com/gerdesilets
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3 commentaires pour Dagger of Destiny

  1. gerdesilets dit :

    Unfortunately for her the more her destiny came true, the more the memory of her vision faded and she never really realized that she had chosen to give a terrible fate to an incredible woman without knowing that it would be her, the monster spared would become her beloved husband, a brave warrior never hesitating to face the worst enemies to defend his empire and avenge by the way his annihilated realm. That their love was the basis of an endless dynasty where war orphans like him became under the protection of the state the pillars of this state according to their talents as engineers, administrators, soldiers, imperial guards
    but above all, protectors of the weak and innocent.
    So she had chosen to face the Oracle living her tragic destiny but not without love.
    She had chosen like less than an oracle out of a thousand and chose to direct the parade instead of watching it pass.
    It was the brave choice to which all others had given up.

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