Universal translator

someday translation AIs will create an internal language to facilitate multilingual translation taking into account all grammatical rules and that will be the first universal language and the basis of the universal translator?

We could finally have a universal grammar based on the denominator common to all humans: our thought patterns. We could better understand our thought patterns if we could better understand our schemas (grammar inherent in the human race). To do this we could use both approaches and look where they meet.

At worst we would have a lame grammar full of weird rules and exceptions.

But even that would not be enough because we would have to add all known forms of communication, including body language, Morse, tongue slap, deaf language, body language, gestures, morse, Esperanto, pictograms, runes, dead languages, music … even babbling of babies.

The music is indeed a special language because the sound signals, transformed into neuronic signals directly affect our brain, its rhythms, our notion of time and even affects our chemistry because it relaxes or excites our brain which according to the circumstances will modulate its neurotransmitters and molecules regulating its functioning.

Smell also has direct access to our brain and more importantly to our memories.

The babbling of babies, the basic language of twins, local jargons are primitive bases of our translation of our thoughts into languages ​​and already have hidden structures that have evolved into grammar.

But these grammars are directions but all directions have meanings, I mean that if we have a direction it remains valid in one direction or the other. For example the movements of the head for yes or no are quite universal but in some people are reversed. Even our notion of good and bad is subjective because even if we do evil we are convinced that we do good because between two opposing options but similar values ​​each party will do good by forcing the majority to accept its option like the good.

We have a direction between the two options and the direction in which we choose to go determines the outcome.

Universal grammar is a direction and a meaning can be imposed to it like the Latin « errare humanum est » vs « errare est humanum », the same words but in a different order but which signify the same thing but the difference a grammatical evolution.

In geek language it is like Yoda who uses the ancient grammatical form of the verb at the end of the sentence. Probably a tip of the author to emphasize the great age of Yoda using an outdated grammatical rule.

Which brings us to geek or invented languages: binary, octal, hexadecimal, klingon, elvish, vulcan … The first three are digital languages ​​but they are used to codify others? A language like French contains 70,000 words with variants as for the verbs of time agreements. So we could assign to all the words a numeric value and a numerical attribute according to its agreements or its kind or its number.

One could thus choose for each word of a language a number and a fraction that completes it to determine its attributes. If we do this for all languages ​​we could assign the same values ​​for words with identical or very similar meaning, thus allowing us to switch them from one language to another as we already do with hybrid languages ​​that use words from two different languages ​​such as Franglais or Spanglish.

Just as Champollion created trilingual translation rules from the Rosetta Stone or Johann Sebastian Bach, a multi-genre musician, established rules of musical writing or Mao that forced a rationalization of Chinese writing we are can be prepared through computer science to create a structured form of universal language where the substitution of words (or their numerical value) would not affect the clarity of what is communicated.

A bit like a clock, Roman or Arabic numerals are decipherable by all? and that if we substitute binary, octal or hexadecimal codes we would end up with some effort to get used to it?

To do this it will be necessary to overwrite some rules of structure of the language (grammar) to have a common structure. A bit like writing music in 5-line range with several with certain time measures and keys for general intonation (a key like the Sol key for each language)

Structured music writing has been an upheaval as it has crushed all other forms of music writing. It may well happen with a universal language but with the music it worked well in the end even if it had to be for some as moving from the English measurement system to the metric? But no one thinks of going back?

And it was then that the fool that I am understood that he had forgotten to mention the tonal intonations and accents that determine the meaning of certain words. I must excuse my language has little.

Even here we would only have a universal human language, we would have to add the languages ​​of animals to have a universal terrestrial language.

And since we have not yet discovered extraterrestrial languages, our universal language would not be totally?

However, as with music, a common structured language could affect our thought patterns for good or bad depending on the meaning we have given it. The more these language structures will come closer to our natural thought structures for it should reinforce these? But if we choose structures better adapted to Artificial Intelligences, our thought patterns could deviate to schemas that would be against our nature and it would not be good for us?

As the bulk of the work will be done by the AIs they are likely to choose the direction of the direction? Is it likely that they will choose an optimized language for their communications based on their own cognitive structures?

Good luck to us then?





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